With a brand new and highly acclaimed album (Spectre of the Eight Ropes) under their belt, we are thrilled to confirm PENTACLE for Schoonebeek Deathfest 2020!

Chained within the mythical realms of primeval black/death metal, so graciously unveiled in the early 80’s by hallowed cults such as Venom, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Possessed, Messiah, Necrovore, Bathory and others, Pentacle’s sepulchral tribute, to this unforgotten legacy, started back in winter 1989 when Mike Verhoeven (guitar), Wannes Gubbels (bass/vocals) and Marc Nelissen (drums) joined forces…

Entangled in the growing urge to inspire their own roaring metal quest, Pentacle soon developed a highly ambitious conspiracy; forging twisting death metal rhythms and haunting doom chords in the archaic traditions of the crafts. 1992 spewed forth Pentacle’s first official rehearsal tape, “Caressed by Both Sides”; a primal anthology of pounding horror. Shortly after the tape’s release, Pentacle gained stage experience supporting bands such as Asphyx and Gorefest.

The band released a ton of work in the following years. After the new second axe wielder Edwin left the band, Mike’s brother Alex filled in the vacant position. 

The quest for the third full length album ended in 2019 when Iron Pegasus Records releases “Spectre of the Eight Ropes” upon the unexpected masses. Recorded at Toneshed Recording Studio, this deathly offering presents the band in full gear showing no signs of decay and moving further into the realm of Ancient Death Metal, utterly proud of this morbid achievement.

After almost 30 years of active (!) service, the musical concept of the band is still firmly rooted in the golden ‘80’s, though remains far from being a mere copy-cat of the forefathers of extreme Metal. Don’t make the mistake to file Pentacle under any retro-trend. They started performing their music when only a selected (and loyal) audience still was interested in this honest style of music. Together with an obscure, yet individual lyrical approach, the band always worked hard to create a personal style, based on ancient Metal values. Remember this when listening to Pentacle’s releases…