In loving memory of Sven `Svenson` Groß

– How can I order e-tickets? Visit our ticketshop and just follow the steps.
– I don’t like e-tickets. Can I order a hardcopy ticket? We don’t have hardcopy tickets available, sorry.
– I lost my ticket(s), can you help? First: search your inbox for the word “eventree”. If that doesn’t work, just fill in your ordernumber (that number can be found on your bankreceipt or paypal receipt) and you can download your tickets here:

Can I pay with cash? Yes.
Can I pay with card? Yes. (No creditcards!)
Are there lockers available? No.
– How do I get to Schoonebeek? Check out our travel information page with all info on that.
– Can I take my own food and/or drinks onto the festival terrain? Nope. We have plenty of food and drinks available for all of you.
– But I am allergic to your food and/or drinks / But I have a condition that forces me to eat/drink my own goods. If you bring a doctor’s statement, it’s all fine and you can bring your own drinks/food.
– Is it ok if I sleep in my car on the parking? No. Due to government rules, we can’t allow people to camp in their cars. We offer you camping tickets on Camping Emmen, a campsite where you can stay over for the weekend.
– Do I need to pay for a parking spot? Nope. There are plenty of free parking spots nearby.
– Is it allowed to camp in my caravan/camper on a parking spot? No. We advise you to camp on Camping Emmen.
I would like to work on your festival as a volunteer. You are the best! Just visit our contact form and our staff will contact you.
– Which hotels/hostels/B&B/bungalowparcs are close to Schoonebeek? Schoonebeek is a small town and there aren’t tons of hotels in the neighbourhood.
You can find them on our hotel page.
– Can I take my dog/cat/pet to the festival? No. Please leave your furry friends at home. There’s a lot of noise and people, so it’s for their own safety.
– Will there be merch? Oh god yes, tons of merch! The bands and distro’s will be set up in a special merch area.
– I am the designated driver, but I’d like to drink a beer. Good for you! We will serve you alcohol free beer then.

– Where’s the camping located? Camping spots are reserved on Camping Emmen, Bultweg 7, Schoonebeek and it’s about 900 meters from the festival.
– Can I bring my own food and/or drinks onto the campsite?
– I need a breakfast in the morning. Good for you! At Camping Emmen you can buy a breakfast.
– I forgot my toothbrush and can’t live without brushing my teeth. No worries! There’s a supermarket on walking distance.

– I have been vaccinated. Can I enter? Yes! Please take proof of vaccination with you. 
– I’m not vaccinated but I will bring a negative test result. Can I enter?
Yes! Please take a recent test result (not older than 24 hours) with you.

– I have proof of immunity. Can I enter? Yes! Please take that proof with you.
– I have done a self test with a negative result. Can I enter? No. You really need the official test result with the QR code that comes with it.
– I’m not vaccinated, not immune and I don’t want to be tested. Can I enter?  No. We are very sorry for that, but those are the rules our government wants us to follow.
– Will there be social distancing?  No! If you enter the festival with either proof of vaccination, a negative test result or proof of immunity, there will be no social distancing. No mouth masks, no 1.5 meter!
– These rules are subject to change, depending on the Dutch government.