☢️ Lovely SDF people, here’s some 2022 info! ☢️
Please read carefully: the pre-sale for SDF 2022 will be launched on september 4th! We will have just 50 Early Bird e-tickets available and ONLY during the 4th of september. And we will also announce the first 3 bands!
The pricing for 2022 (including service fees):
– Early Bird – € 25,-
– Regular Tickets – € 30,-
– Group Tickets – € 27,50
– Door Tickets – € 35,-
So why have the tickets become a bit more expensive even though we are having a great SDF party in 2021?
Let’s have a little transparency here and the answer is very simple. We are confronted with many price increases, some of which are due to Covid and partly due to the economy itself.
Camping tickets at Camping Emmen can still be booked through our ticketshop. If you want to take a caravan, rent a cottage or a completely furnished tent: these can be directly booked at Camping Emmen.
Hotel rooms at Hotel De Witte Olifant cannot be booked through our ticketshop anymore, please book them directly at their website.
Links to camping and hotel: