Are your ears bleeding? Do you have neck spasms from headbanging? GOOD. Because we are bringing the best Swedish death metal and goregrind surgeons to Schoonebeek!

General Surgery will be headlining Schoonebeek Deathfest 2018. Do we need to say more? These guys do not play many live shows and have been around for ages. True Swedish goregrind / death metal.

And on top of that, we can complete our line-up by announcing another Swedish beast and a German monster. Gravebomb (SWE) will come to Schoonebeek to prepare your ears for the slaughterhouse. Aeon of Disease is the final band to be confirmed for SDF 2018. These Germans, signed to Neckbreaker Records, have established a big name in a very short period of time.

Tickets are limited to 400 in total. So you better hurry and get that ticket (20 euros a piece) before you need brain surgery for losing your mind about being too late…