Genre: Old School Death Metal Band Members: Kreft - Vocals / Guitars, Marc - Drums, Jasper - Bass, Bjorn - Guitars

GRACELESS is an old school death/ doom metal band from Leiden / The Netherlands. Founded by Remco Kreft, best known as guitarist of Soulburn, in june 2016. GRACELESS was raised out of the ashes of Nailgun Masssacre and Xenomorph and brings a primitive dark death metal sound that is inspired by bands like Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Coffins, Asphyx, Paradise Lost and Black Sabbath. In 2017 they inked a deal with Raw Skull Recordz for their debut album Shadowlands, who will be released in December of 2017. To promote the album Graceless is ready to conquer and destroy every stage in the world!!




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